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Next season applications - existing teams/clubs have until Friday 14th May to confirm their application for a place in the League for next season commencing in September. Any available spaces in the League for next season will be advertised here on Monday 17th May. Any remaining available spaces will be on a first come first served basis to new teams/clubs by text message only to the League Secretary from Tuesday 18th May and not before.

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Please note we have been unable to secure any further pitches to catch up games at Jeffrey Humble due to lockdown, the pitches are already subject to other existing commercial bookings. To catch up we will be reverting (subject to continued safety precautions being followed by all) to kick offs on the hour on both Friday evenings (6, 7 and 8pm) and on Sundays 9am through to 2pm). All age groups will now have a full fixture list every Sunday (as opposed to previously when one age group was required to play on a Friday evening instead of Sunday). Also, every age group will also have a full fixture list spread over 3 Fridays such that each age group plays every 3rd Friday now as well as every Sunday.

16/4 - 2xU9, 10xU10, 4xU12. 23/4 - 8xU9, 2xU11, 4xU12. 30/4 - 5xU7, 9xU8, 5xU11

7/5 - 2xU9, 10xU10, 4xU12. 14/5 - 8xU9, 2xU11, 4xU12. 21/5 - 5xU7, 9xU8, 5xU11

28/5 - 2xU9, 10xU10, 4xU12. 4/6 - 8xU9, 2xU11, 4xU12. 11/6 - 5xU7, 9xU8, 5xU11

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Our plan is to start back with all fixtures on Friday 2nd April and Sunday 4th April. It is our understanding as it stands that rules as per last time we played before latest lockdown remain in force eg 1 parent or guardian per child is permitted. NO SPECTATORS are allowed - this rule must be strictly adhered to.

Joe Stone Ground - Liverpool City Council has confirmed all pitches available for use from Sunday 4th April through to season closure on 27th June. Pitches will also be available on Thursday evenings for games until end of season. Season will run every Sunday through to the end of the season and where necessary games will also be arranged for Thursday evenings to complete League and Cup competitions. Cup Finals day will be Sunday 27th June.

Jeffrey Humble Ground - The site operator has confirmed all pitches available for use from Friday 2nd April and Sunday 4th April through to season closure on 27th June. Requests have been made to site operator for any additional pitch availability and also whether or not 15 min gaps between ko times is still required, both with a view to getting more games in. Season will run every Friday and Sunday through to the end of the season to complete Cup competitions and, if possible, an Under 12 League competition. Cup Finals day will be Sunday 27th June.

Fixtures for Friday 2nd April and Sunday 4th April will be available on this website by the end of the weekend, timings subject to receipt of responses to outstanding queries.


Last games before Christmas - Friday 18th and Sunday 20th December.

First games back in the New Year - Friday 8th and Sunday 10th January

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We received the very sad news that Bob Pendleton passed away on Saturday 5th December. Bob had been both Fixture and Registration Secretary of the League for almost 40 years when he took a much deserved and long overdue rest from his direct involvement in the League a few years ago. Bob will undoubtedly be sadly missed by everybody connected to the Football League and beyond and our thoughts are with all of Bob's family at this time. Bob knew everybody and everybody knew Bob. He had time for everybody. He always asked the parents if their children were enjoying their football and then he would ask the parents how they were too. He had "many and long" stories of his experiences and many other things for everybody and everybody listened and he'd often cheekily end by dropping a hint the League Committee liked wine if it was near Christmas and that we liked chocolate if it was approaching Easter! It was always just about the children having the opportunity to play football for Bob, and tens of thousands of them have enjoyed that opportunity due to his efforts and unselfish dedication, indeed some of those have gone on to become very succesful. Bob was a giant of a man, a true football legend, a gentleman, just a lovely fella. He will always be a legend at Walton & Kirkdale JFL and his legacy can be seen every weekend as thousands flock to play and spectate the beautiful game and the facilities we now enjoy at Jeffrey Humble Ground. As a mark of respect and thanks for all Bob gave to grassroots football and in particular Walton & Kirkdale JFL, a period of applause will take place before all League fixtures on Sunday 13th December at Jeffrey Humble Ground.

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Apologies not messaged you all with update but latest IOS update on my phone has fried all my group text apps and its still unresolved.

We don't have definitive answers on everything right now in terms of spectator arrangements etc - a note is due out from the FA tomorrow. We are pressing on with the fact that arrangements will be as they were immediately before this latest period of lockdown and will notify you if that changes. Fixtures will be posted tonight/tomorrow evening for this weekend's fixtures. Under 10s fixtures will be on Friday evening.

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Please click on link "SEASON 2020/2021" on left hand side for latest important updates with regards to the upcoming season.


Vacancies at Under 7 - further to confirmation of 3G pitch allocation, WKJFL has 3 vacancies at Under 7. If you are currently without a League and interested in one of these vacancies, please contact the League Secretary by texting your details/enquiry to 07464631264. Do not apply if you are already registered with another League and already have a secured place elsewhere for the coming season.


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Please click on link "SEASON 2020/2021" on left hand side for latest important updates with regards to the upcoming season.





Following the Government's announcements on 16th March and advice from the FA, all fixtures in Walton & Kirkdale JFL are postponed for the foreseeable future.

When there is any change to this position, all Clubs will be contacted. In the meantime, take care everybody and we hope to see you all again soon.


Friday evening fixture dates for Jeffrey Humble Ground:-

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In order to accomodate some under 11 and 12 fixtures on the 3G in December and January there will be weekends when age groups have no fixtures at Jeffrey Humble Ground:-

December fixture dates for Jeffrey Humble Ground:-

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Walton & Kirkdale JFL is full for season 2019/2020. There are no vacancies at all in any age group from Under 7s through to Under 13s - due to unprecented demand whereby all vacancies have been filled by existing WKJFL teams/clubs, no applications from the many clubs/teams who had applied/registered an interest in joining the League were able to be accepted. All teams accepted for season 2019/2020 are stated on the "Fixtures" pages for age groups under 7 through to under 12.

We are sorry that pitch availability restricts our ability to accept all of the many applications we receive from teams to play in WKJFL. We run divisions for age groups under 7 through to under 14 for season 2019/2020 only due to restrictions.

The Management Committee will be available for any queries at Jeffrey Humble Ground on Thursday 18th July between 7.30pm and 8.30pm for any queries from teams in the League for season 2019/2020. All WKJFL teams moving to Under 13 and Under 14 divisions for the coming season who have not finalised their applications for next season should do so at this time also.

Under 14s season 2019/2020 - there may be a vacancy coming up at this age group. Any teams interested please send a text only containing team and contact details to 07464631264.

Please understand that WKJFL is a Winter League only. As such, we take a break. All queries for next season will be addressed in person at Jeffrey Humble on Thursday 18th July between 7.30pm and 8.30pm should you have a query and turn up to ask it! Otherwise, we are closed for a break!






Applications for season 2019/2020 - Existing WKJFL teams have reapplied and have filled virtually every place in WKJFL for season 2019/2020. A further announcement will be made here shortly.

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ALL WKJFL games are off tomorrow, Sunday 22nd October, at both Joe Stone and Walton Hall Park Grounds

I have just returned saturated and blown away from WHP and Joe Stone Grounds. Pitches were not too bad when I started to walk around WHP but became worse as I was there, and in particular the walkway to the pitches from the main car park was becoming treacherous. Wind was a real problem to keep umbrella up and generally to stay on feet and I am a lot bigger than the youngsters who play! At Joe Stone, there are three adult fixtures taking place, churning the pitches in the bad weather, and not having much fun. Given the forecast for continuous rain between now and tomorrow morning and extremely windy weather, I have decided to call all games off tomorrow......there will be better conditions in the future for players and spectators alike to enjoy the football!

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Next League Meeting - will be this Thurssday 12th October at 8pm at Jeffrey Humble Pavillion. ALL TEAMS MUST ATTEND, if you cannot attend get somebody else to attend for you, there will be a lot of important information to discuss. If you have a single question about anything then this meeting is your only chance to ask it!The meeting is to discuss the splitting of mini-soccer divisions, 1st Round KO Cup draws, rules, postponements, behaviour, referees, equipment, registration cards and answer any questions.

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